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At G4 Spatial Technologies, we have a proven reputation for offering the best support and service in Texas. With a professional staff we are able to offer our clients the latest surveying and construction equipment and techniques. We provide thousands of products from many quality manufactures that help us build a custom solution for your business.


G4 Spatial Technologies is Texas' most trusted name in Geospatial Technologies and Measurement, maintenance, and Consulting.

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Fishing Tournament

It's that time of year again!

The 15th Annual Hook, Line and Surveyor Fishing Tournament is on for 2021. June 18-19

There is a new venue and new format this year.

Please clink link below for entry form with all the details.

If interested in sponsoring the tournament, please contact Rick Walker @


New Field Ready Tablet

Leica CS30

When you are getting ready for an all-day job, you want to be sure you are equipped with tools to keep you efficient and the controller is the critical link between surveyor, sensors and office.  Leica CS30 tablet is a versatile controller designed for durability.


New Imaging GNSS

The GS18 I matches the same intelligent tilt technology of the GS18 T and the advanced signal tracking capabilities of the smartest GNSS antennas—but the GS18 I takes another step forward in technological innovation. With the new addition of an imaging sensor, the GS18 I lets you perform photogrammetric measurements on the fly.


The New MultiStation

The Leica Nova MS60 combines an artificially intelligent total station, digital imaging, GNSS connectivity and 3D laser scanning in a single instrument, all delivered in the size and weight of a total station that can easily be operated by one person.


Construction Technology

Working in today’s digital building construction industry demands efficiency and quick decision making to stay on track and minimise rework. Leica iCON build construction software provides unseen versatility and flexibility for field crews to conduct layout, as-built and verification tasks on projects. Improve speed, performance and accuracy with just one custom built construction software.

Read about what our clients are saying about our service and how we help their businesses.

"Rick, Donnie and all of the staff at G4 have always gone above and beyond to assist us with any questions we may have.  We know that we are going to get great customer service, additional training as needed and good equipment from G4".

Trisha Lund, RPLS - San Antonio, TX

Unintech Consulting Engineers, Inc. 

"I really appreciate all of the help and attentiveness you have been giving us on this project. I have always known that G4 was a good company to work with and you have bolstered that opinion even more. Thank you again"!


Stephanie James, RPLS, - San Antonio, TX

Moy Tarin Ramirez Engineers, LLC.

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