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SmartNet GNSS RTK Solution

SmartNet is rolling out an all new GNSS services in the US to existing and new customers. You will have to check with your local state, but here in Texas most metro areas are now up and running GNSS solutions (expect San Antonio/Austin which should be out soon).


What does that mean? You now will be able to utilize more satellites which will include GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou and the L5 satellite signal all running on SmartNet. The added Galileo and BeiDou satellite constellation will allow users to track double the satellites which will improve your fixed solution.

What do I need to implement this GNSS service in the field? You need a GNSS capable SmartAntenna, current firmware on both controller and antenna, and the extra satellite constellation license key.

I have provided some links below, but if you have any questions you may contact me:

John Escalante |

G4 Spatial Technologies has a proven reputation for offering the best support and service in Texas. With a professional staff, G4 is able to offer our clients the latest surveying and construction equipment and techniques. G4 provides thousands of products from many quality manufactures that help us build custom solutions for your business.

G4 Spatial Technologies is the premier Leica Geosystems dealer in Texas.

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