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Pipeline Surveying Made Easy!

Would you like to survey pipelines without all of the gear and hassle of setting up a base station every few miles?

(Pictured Above: Leica GS16 GNSS Antenna w/ CS20 Controller)

Leica Geosystems now offers SmartLink, a correction service delivered via satellite for uninterrupted centimeter positioning in areas where RTK communication links are unstable. Enjoy uninterrupted accurate positioning even when your local correction service is unavailable due to obstructions or lack of cellular coverage with the global SmartLink service. Even when no reference data is available, work fully remotely with SmartLink.

The Leica Viva GS18T is the world's fastest and powerful, self-learning GNSS smart antenna. Working with the leading RTK technology, the Viva GS18T meets the highest standards in measurement excellence with RTKplus and SmartLink. The growing number of signals from an ever increasing satellite constellation demands a GNSS receiver to be smarter than ever before. RTKplus intelligently adapts to changing conditions by selecting the optimal signals to deliver the most accurate positions. Work more efficiently and in more challenging environments than you’ve ever worked in before.

You no longer need to hold the pole vertical to level the bubble with the new Leica GS18T, the fastest and easiest-to-use GNSS smart antenna and RTK rover. This latest innovation combines GNSS and inertial micro units (IMUs) to be the first true tilt compensation solution immune to magnetic disturbances and is calibration-free.

As you no longer need to watch and level the bubble, you can focus on your task at hand and save time over conventional surveying practices. Uninterrupted, accurate positioning when surrounded by or in close proximity to metallic objects - measure where others simply couldn’t before. The GS18 T works directly out of the box without any calibration procedure.

The new Leica Captivate Pipeline Application Streamlines Tracking and Reporting in Pipeline Surveys. An intuitive workflow ties entire pipeline process together to achieve a complete end-to-end solution that reduces reporting time by as much as 50-70%.

Developed in collaboration with several highly respected pipeline surveying firms, Captivate Pipeline addresses a number of major challenges that pipeline surveyors face in their day-to-day operations. For example, manual database creation, file conversions, data verification and report generation all require significant time and resources to be allocated to each project. Additionally, every manual process increases the risk of error and costly setbacks in a time-sensitive environment. Captivate Pipeline overcomes these challenges by tying the entire pipeline process together, from inventory to layout to data reconciliation, to provide the industry’s first complete end-to-end solution.

The Viva GS18 GNSS smart antenna comes with the revolutionary Leica Captivate software, turning complex data into the most realistic and workable 3D models. With easy-to-use apps and familiar touch technology, all forms of measured and design data can be viewed in all dimensions. Leica Captivate spans industries and applications with little more than a simple swipe, regardless of whether you work with GNSS, total stations or both.

The services and features above really set the Leica Geosystems GS18 apart from the competition. When you combine the SmartLink correction service, Captivate PipeLine Application and Tilt correction on the GS18 you have a very powerful field solution for measuring and staking pipelines!

If you would like to see the GS18 in action, please feel free to contact me for a jobsite demonstration. If you have any questions, contact me by phone or email.

Rick Walker @ 210.889.4292 or

At G4 Spatial Technologies, we have a proven reputation for offering the best support and service in Texas. With a professional staff we are able to offer our clients the latest surveying and construction equipment and techniques. We provide thousands of products from many quality manufactures that help us build a custom solution for your business.

G4 Spatial Technologies is Texas' most trusted name in Geospatial Technologies and Measurement, maintenance, and Consulting.

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