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Get Ready, 3G Is Going Away!

3G Network Sunsetting & What It Means To You

AT&T has begun the process of phasing out 3G Network Services. The estimated completion date is February 2022. Some carriers have already completed this process, such as Verizon Wireless. The phasing out of 3G services effect any electronic device that utilizes a 3G Cellular Modem which includes Security Systems, Medical Equipment, Survey Data Collectors, etc.

This phase out effects all manufactures, but G4 is here to help with your Surveying Equipment needs during this transition.

Why is this happening?

These carriers are doing this to increase the capacity and bandwidth on the networks.

Carriers are continuing to invest in 4G Long Term Evolution or LTE networks, which provide faster and wider coverage. In order to invest in LTE, wireless carriers are sunsetting existing older 3G networks, specifically CDMA and GSM networks.

The purpose is to keep up with the demands for faster, better data transmission.

What Steps Can I Take?

Some solutions include: Upgrading you Data Collector to a CS20 LTE Variant, Using the LTE Modem inside the GS18 (if possible), and Using a external MiFI/HotSpot device.

By moving your gear over to LTE today, you are pre-empting an emergency when it happens on your account. We have seen the process already affecting clients when accounts are upgraded, changes are made, lines added, etc.

You may also begin to see degradation in service/stability as it advances.

As always, contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help.

Also, please use caution when purchasing used equipment. Unfortunately there are entities out there that will mislead you.

When it come to purchasing technology that your business relies on, the best bet is to purchase local. You get the training, support and service required to keep you productive and your gear running at optimal performance.

Thanks for your time!

Rick Walker | G4 Spatial Technologies | 210.889.4292

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